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Beef bourguignon

Beef bourguignon or bœuf bourguignon , also called beef Burgundy, and bœuf à la Bourguignonne, is a well-known, traditional French recipe.

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Rosaleen Boutique Hotel

With hospitality and quality in mind, Rosaleen Boutique Hotel promises to offer a memorable experience. Find all service and amenities you need for a comfortable stay in the city.

Places to see

The film set of Hollywood blockbuster ‘Kong: Skull Island’ in northern Vietnam’s Ninh Binh Province is open to the public free of charge starting Saturday.

The Chao Phraya River (Mae Nam Chao Phraya) has always played a significant role within the city it flows through and remains the lifeblood of Bangkok to this very day, with passenger ferries, long-tail boats and slow barges laden with cargo making their way along the river daily. Most of the city’s main attractions are easily accessible from various points along its winding waterways, meaning visitors can also find great views from the water.

What could be more romantic than traveling with your loved one to a small paradise island in Thailand and not have anything else to do except lie under the shade of palm trees and dip into the turquoise sea?

Nguyen Dang Che, one of a few veteran artisans who are still engaged in making Dong Ho paintings, said, “The picture “The Mouse’s Wedding” is the most popular. Now Dong Ho paintings include the topic about Quan Ho folk singing."

he festival, found in Vien Son Commune, Van Yen District, begins with a traditional ritual prayer carried out in families blessed with the best harvest in the community. Locals pray for another bumper crop of rice and corn.

Sin Ho District is 60km west of Lai Chau City. Its north borders China’s Yunnan province and its south neighbors Tua Chua District, while Phong Tho and Muong Te district are in east and west of Sin Ho.

Travel Companies

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Go Asia Travel

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