3 ideal place for Couple in Thailand

The world is full of amazing places, but which are the best places to visit in Thailand for couples?  Depending on what type of couple you are, Thailand will be able to offer you something. The culturally conscious, the beach bummers, the adventurers, and the spa lovers, which are you?

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Thailand is a popular spot for people going on holiday and couples are no different. There are many beautiful and safe places to visit in Thailand, so choose which best fits you and your other half. We have places listed here, but there are surely more! Here are the most popular spots in Thailand for couples.

Koh Phuket

1. Koh Phuket

This major holiday destination is literally for any type of traveler, couples included! Since you can find everything under one roof, or in this case, on one island, you can find yourself spending your entire holiday relaxing in this one area and still not see and do everything. This really is one of the best places to visit in Thailand for couples. Are you the adventurous type? Grab your better half and take the plunge to the bottom of the sea to enjoy Thailand’s amazing marine life up close. After diving, you’re going to need a nice spa and in Thailand there are as many massage shops and spas as there are 711’s and pharmacies (and that’s a lot)! Perhaps you want to do absolutely nothing at all? Well there are plenty of excellent resorts ranging from $30-$300+ a night to relax at, or if you can bear to make just a little effort, you can do absolutely nothing on the miles and miles of beaches. Despite the population of the island, it’s huge, so don’t think all the beaches are crowded. There are parts of Phuket where  there are very little tourists, like Mai Khao.

2. Railay

A beach getaway that feels like an island, but isn’t. This spot is gorgeous. There are no other words. Surrounded by magnificent karst mountains and phenomenal beaches are what you will get here. Fancy a trip to the islands that you can see in the distance? Awesome, grab a boat and go, you might find the island all to yourself if you take a private boat tour. The main activity after beach bumming and island hopping is rock climbing if you and your lover are into that type of thing.

Koh Samui

3. Koh Samui

Here’s another island getaway for you two love birds! Nothing says romance like a beautiful island, so Koh Samui is an easy choice. Just like most of the islands in Thailand, there’s miles and miles of beaches to relax and enjoy. Just like Phuket, this is also one of the top island getaways for the country, however it doesn’t mean it’s crowded everywhere or year round. A little scouting out and driving around and you can find yourself on a lonely beach. Once you find your spot, it’s pretty much guaranteed you and your loved one will be blown away by the beauty, so don’t forget the camera and tripod and have yourself a memorable photo shoot. During the day you can find yourself lounging around the hotel or having a pampering spa day. If you want some more excitement, book a private island cruise around Samui. There are smaller islands around and hidden beaches to discover. Snorkeling or diving is also a possibility on your boat trip if you two are up for more adventure. In the mood to get spiritual? Samui is an excellent spot to have a couples yoga or meditation retreat if you fancy that while on your holiday. Excellent eateries and plenty of places to grab a cocktail are a given, so your evening activities will be taken care of.

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