Travelgenio – A Spanish online travel company


Travelgenio is a Spanish online travel agency created in 2010 by the Argentinian Mariano Pelizzari. The company also publishes a survey of trends and customer satisfaction in the air travel industry. It is specialized for low-cost flights, but it also offers hotels, car rental, and insurances.

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In 2011 they billed € 35MM, results that rose sharply in 2012, where there were presented results of € 90MM and, the same happened in 2013, when Travelgenio had a turnover of approximately € 180MM. During 2014, with almost a million bookings and more than 80.000 reservations per month, it rose again to the 344MM€.

Travelgenio´s CEO – Mariano Pelizzari via FreeRolls

Its presence in other countries has been increased since 2012, when Travelgenio arrived in the United Kingdom and France. This situates this online travel agency in almost the most important Spanish rankings of billing companies of this sector.

In 2013 there were summed Portugal, The Nederland, Italy, and Germany to its portfolio, covering the main part of the European market. By now, this online travel agency also has presence in countries like Australia, Singapore, New Zealand or the United States of America. For next year, the expansion they have planned is going to export their mark to countries in South America like Argentina or Brazil, as well as to North America if we talk about Canada.

Actually, it has blogs in each of the country languages where they have presence, that are updated frequently with tourist contents, tips and interesting information for travellers. It also has presence in different social networks like Facebook and Twitter, from where the staffs interact with customers and travellers answering their questions or helping them in any doubt.

In April 2016, once more the billing results according to the 2015 exercise were published with an amount of 449MM€, what means a 31% increase and that confirms the evolution from its foundation in 2010. According to the “1000 companies that inspire” elaborated by the London Stock Exchange Group, Travelgenio is one of the most forward-looking companies from the 75 Spanish ones in this ranking.

Travelgenio via Twitter

All the expansion efforts to Latin American, Turkish and Russian markets, and also the consolidation of the European ones have made a new billing results for the 2016 term of 700 MM€, something that increases its growth to a 56% comparing to the previous year.

2016, moreover, has also included the web internationalization for some of the most popular and important Asian-Pacific markets, adding to its portfolio business in countries like Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. This bet is part of the new brand strategy, that hopes to surpass the 2000 million barriers for 2020.


The products and services Travelgenio offers are, mainly, flights, hotels and other services such as insurances, car rental, and transfers. Travelgenio operates through some reservation systems like Amadeus CRS or Galileo, marketing the products of airlines like Iberia (airline), Vueling, Air France or KLM, among other companies.

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